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GiO (Giorgi) Janiashvili (b.1989) is a composer & multimedia artist from Tbilisi, Georgia. He resides in USA.

Janiashvili’s eclectic work reflects his integrative approach to exploring new paradigms in musical composition as well as creating dynamic new platforms in performing and visual arts. His creative output spans chamber, orchestral and electroacoustic music; multimedia music-theatre; performance; video art, sound art, installation art; music for dance, theatre, film and exhibitions.

Giorgi staged concerts, multimedia performances and installations in the United Kingdom, Georgia and Czech Republic. His works were presented at such venues as South Bank Centre, The Institute of Contemporary Arts, Laban Bonnie Bird Theatre, Royal Observatory of Greenwich, Blackheath Halls, Club Shunt, Gallery 10 Gales, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London; Veletzrni Palace (National Gallery) and Nostitz Palace (Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic) in Prague; Spectrum NYC in New York; Tbilisi State Conservatoire and National Music Centre in Tbilisi.

He is a recipient of commissions from the renowned viola player Rivka Golani, Georgian National Exhibtion at the  12th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space; London COMA Voices, artist Tornike Abuladze; festivals –  Artisterium 5, Surrogate Cities Exploded, Impossible Brilliance- The Music of Conlon Nancarrow, Harmony of the Spheres, Sound and Space, Out of Cage (Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of John Cage), Tbilisi Contemporary Music Evenings, Tbilisi Youth Art Festival.

Giorgi gave seminars on his work at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London.

He received his BMus and MMus in composition from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London (2009-2012, BMus, Professors: Stephen Montague, Edward Jessen, Dominic Murcott and Douglas Finch); (2012- 2013, MMus, Professors: Edward Jessen and Gwyn Pritchard). His education includes studies in composition at V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire (2007-2009, BMus, Professor: Teimuraz Bakuradze).  



• Performance of works by G. Janiashvili: ‘Invocation’ for piano, ‘Infinity of Spaces’ for electronic and concrete music for Quad. system and
‘Ek –Stasis’ for piano. Performed by Maria Nemtsova (Piano) and G. Janiashvili (Sound projection) at Spectrum NYC (New York, NY)
• Sound installation ‘Worker’s Memory’ for exhibition ‘Constructions’ by T.Abuladze (Munich)


• The performance of multimedia music theatre work 'Life is real only then, when I AM' (music, libretto, video/sound, lighting and direction by G. Janiashvili) performed by N. Simeha (baritone), M. Nemtsova (piano), A. Scully (cello), J. Hogan (flute), 
J. Heeley (trombone) at Blackheath Halls (London)
• The musical performance ‘Demonstrations for 6 Groups’ performed by 25 musicians from Trinity Laban at the ‘Fourth Plinth Exhibition’ at The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)
• The sound installation ‘Non-Conformist Object’ at Trinity Laban (London)
• The video/sound installation ‘Mount River’, ‘After Antigone’ for voice and electronics, and the sound/visual installation ‘After Antigone’s Death’ for ‘Rude Health Concerts’ at Trinity Laban (London)


• The multimedia installation ‘ Sacrifice - The Static Drama’ at the festival ARTISTERIUM 5 (Tbilisi, Georgia)
• The premiers of ‘Invocation’ (M. Nemtsova) for piano and electroacoustic music ‘Infinity of Spaces’ at Blackheath Halls (London)
• The electroacoustic music performance ‘We Are Getting Nowhere’ for the festival ‘Out of Cage’ (Cage’s 100th Anniversary) at Trinity Laban (London)
• The interactive sound & video installation ‘Supra-Humanization’ at the festival ‘Surrogate Cities Exploded’ at South Bank Centre (London)
• The sound installation ‘Futuristic Mobile’ for the installation ‘Conloninpurple’ by Trimpin at the festival ‘Impossible Brilliance’ at South Bank Centre (London)


• The multimedia installation ‘ Sacrifice - The Static Drama’ for the Georgian National Exhibition at the 12th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (Prague)
• The sound installation ‘Thought is Boundless Like a World’ for G. Alexi-Meskhishvili’s installation ‘Vaja Pshavela’ for the Georgian National Exhibition at PQ2011 (Prague)
• ‘Chant’ for saxophone (W. Scott) and electronics (G. Janiashvili) at The Institute of Contemporary Arts (London)
• ‘Mr. Bedbug Is Walking Down The Street’ for megaphone/speaker and orchestra (Trinity Laban Orchestra, cond. Jonathan Tilbrook)
at Blackheath Halls (London)
• ‘Transcendental Performance’ (‘Chant’ and ‘Prelude for Cello’) for cello (A. Scully), saxophone (W. Scott) and electronics (G. Janiashvili)
at Trinity Laban (London)
• Participated as a performer and contributed to scenography and musical concepts in the dance and musical performance of Earl Brown’s ‘December 1952’ at South Bank Centre and Laban Bonnie Bird Theatre - choreographed by Lizzy Kew Ross and musical direction
by Ian Mitchel (London)


• The premier of ‘io io’ for solo viola, ensemble and electronics, commissioned and performed by Rivka Golani with Trinity Laban Sinfonieta
(cond. Nick Pendlebury) at Blackheath Halls (London)
• The electroacoustic music ‘Upatrono Uro’ for M. Brenneis’ dance performances ‘Mute Codes’ at Laban Bonnie Bird Theatre and ‘Anarchy’ at Gallery 10 Gales (London)
• The electroacoustic piece ‘Dimensions’, the video/sound works ‘take A train’, ‘Train’ and ‘Bad Weather’ at Club Shunt (London)


• The sound installation and live performance ‘Fortune Teller’ for the festivals ‘Sound and Space’ and ‘Harmony of the Spheres’ at Royal Observatory (London)
• ‘Upatrono Uro’ for piano (D. Ghymers) and electronics at Club Shut (London)
• The premier of ‘Upatrono Uro’ for piano(J. Tavadze) and electronics at Tbilisi State Conservatory (Tbilisi, Georgia)


• The multimedia performance (the video/sound works: ‘SoS,’ ‘We are getting burned’, ‘Imprisoned Birds,’ and the piano works: ‘Toccata’ and
‘From the windows’) at the festival ‘Tbilisi Contemporary Music Evenings'(Tbilisi, Georgia)
• The premiers of 'Toccata' for piano (G. Mikadze) and electroacoustic piece 'Black Bird' at Tbilisi State Conservatory (Tbilisi, Georgia)


• The premier of electroacoustic pieces dedicated to the Civil War in the 1990s Tbilisi at the Youth Art Festival at Georgian National Music Centre (Tbilisi, Georgia)

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